Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello, World!

Welcome to Think Janusian, a social media and traditional marketing company. This weblog is a companion to our web site at We're glad you're here and we'll do our best to make it worth your while.

If our name sounds familiar, it's because we're a spinoff from Janusian Gallery. When we founded our online art gallery and complementary gift shops in 2015, it made sense at the time to also offer artist marketing services. We envisioned giving artists the choice of being fully represented by us or purchasing "a la carte" marketing services from us to supplement their own promotional efforts.

Over the past several months, however, we've had the opportunity to help out businesses in industries other than the visual arts. And doing so, we realized that our marketing services offerings had outgrown the Janusian Gallery name and weblog. Art buyers weren't interested in online posts on how to market products. Marketing clients with no ties to the gallery didn't want to be barraged with ads for artwork and our product designs. We thought it made sense to launch something new ansd separate for marketing clients and marketers. We still think it's important to provide artist services, so you'll continue to see links to Think Janusian from the Janusian Gallery website and weblog.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be republishing on these pages the marketing-related content originally published to Janusian Gallery. After that, you can expect new content from us on an ongoing basis. Thanks so much for your patience during this transition and we look forward to "talking shop" with you soon.