Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Have You Reorganized Your Pinterest Boards Into Sections Yet?

A few weeks ago, Pinterest, the leading online scrapboarding social media service, announced its new Sections functionality. It essentially allows users to better organize their boards by organizing them into subgroups that make individual pins easier to find. We love it, because one of our pet peeves about Pinterest was not being able to easily organize boards in anything other than chronological order of posting. Sections, like boards, can be either public or private.

We quickly set about updating our boards. The process was easy: just tap "new section" on the board, then name and populate it. You may add an unlimited number of sections to a board. During this housekeeping process, we also tested links and were surprised how many of them were broken or out of date (including some of our own!) We deleted pins that didn't resonate with us any more or those which didn't fit the boards' themes once reorganized. We kept everything public, as we share Pinterest's desire to keep people on the site and interacting with boards for a longer period of time.

So why utilize sections instead of just creating new boards? First, we didn't want to lose the followers on our existing boards. Next, sections, if used properly, are subordinate to the main board. For instance, we added "Our Designs and Products" sections to several of our themed boards. These would not work as standalone boards.

On the other hand, there are times where it makes more sense to split up a large board that's grown too large. For example, an "Outdoor Activities" board might be split into "Hiking","Bicycling", etc. ones. Each board could be broken up into sections like "Tips and Techniques", "Destinations", and "Equipment."

Have you reorganized your Pinterest boards into sections yet? What worked well for you? Leave us a comment below.

- Lynne Sabean

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